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  • Crazy Lunch  851)   Crazy Lunch 1.1
    Crazy Lunch - Cheerful and amusing arcade for children and adults Little strange creatures appeared on your desk. You will have a lot of fun trying to get rid of them.

  • FreeGames CosmicBall  852)   FreeGames CosmicBall 2.1.2
    A challenging brickout-style game. Shoot bricks and watch for enemy robots guarding them. Play this and download more free games from

  • Extreme Trucks  853)   Extreme Trucks 1.0
    The monster trucks have returned. Drive them through water, snow, dirt in the most extreme European environments.

  • Crazynoid  854)   Crazynoid 1.1.03
    Crazynoid is a arkanoid/breakout inspired game written in Java. The game graphics are enhanced by the use of 3D accelerated hardware.

  • Insectoid  855)   Insectoid 1.0.0
    Blast alien insects in over 50 levels in this high-intensity Galaga-inspired shooter. Collect power-ups and use special weapons in four different ships as you fight back swarms of angry insect. Three difficulty levels ensure anyone can enjoy the game

  • Christmas Eve Crisis  856)   Christmas Eve Crisis 1.00
    It's Christmas Eve, and Santa Claus is getting ready for his deliveries. But this year, a sleigh accident will scatter thousands of presents over the landscape, forcing Santa into a race against time to deliver them in time for Christmas morning!

  • Mechanoid Mac  857)   Mechanoid Mac 1.0.1
    An addictive new original arcadegame. Binary elements on the loose in your circuits! Control your pod to catch them with the fitting nuts. With the left/right keys you can turn your pod counter-/clockwise to fetch the objects.

  • Hypertron-2  858)   Hypertron-2 1.01
    Hypertron 2 is the biggest gameshow to ever hit the airwaves. Millions of viewers from Titan City 3 tune in nightly to catch the action live on Death TV. Destroy wave after wave of deadly Hypertron droids in a bid to become one of the all time elite

  • Run!  859)   Run! 1.1
    Get through abandoned catacombs and dark caves full of malicious zombies, experience dangers and adventures with Mike Runner in search of the stolen treasure hidden somewhere in South Africa... You will need to use all your skills and reaction on your way to the ancient gold fighting cave beasts and avoiding guileful traps..

  • VeggieBreak  860)   VeggieBreak 2.5
    Designed for children, this game has plenty of special effects, explosions and offers a excellent challenge.Use the paddle and keep the ball in play to destroy the veggie blocks.

  • Mouse Throwing  862)   Mouse Throwing 1.0
    Throw a mouse in the air and watch how far it bounces. Try to get the mouse pointer arrow indicator to stop at 45 degrees and stop the meter at its maximum. Then, watch the mouse bounce over distances of 350 feet.

  • Rimbalzoid  863)   Rimbalzoid 1.0
    Rimbalzoid is the newly released arcade game from RebelBytes Help Rimbalzoid to collect the gemstones kept by colorful little monsters in colorful labyrinths.

  • AsteroidRush  864)   AsteroidRush 1.01
    Fun and entertaining. Destroy all asteroids and enemy ufo ships. For all ages. From a central position, maneuver your ship by using the side arrow keys. Use the Up arrow to fire and down arrow to release bombs.

  • Generica Invasion  865)   Generica Invasion 1.0
    Generica Invasion is a free game where you have to protect your planet against the attack of Generica aliens. You have to be sure that you are good enough for the job. That is why you have to pass numbers of tests.

  • Logan's fight  866)   Logan's fight 3.50
    In the year 2010 aliens start invasion on Earth. Europe fell down under superior aliens technical power and now the target is USA. Before total destruction of town only two man succeeded to escape and one of them was: LOGAN, PROFESSION: MUJAHADEEN

  • Street Fighting  867)   Street Fighting 1.0
    A classic remake of the greatest fighting game of all time, Street Fighter. Arrows/Space/Numpad, more controls and instructions are in the game.

  • Space Journey  868)   Space Journey 1.1
    Space is waiting for you. Welcome to the starship! In this innovative match-3 game you will experience a fantastic gameplay and fly across fascinating space views. Astroids, planets, space ships and stations.

  • Free Unlimited Game Suite  869)   Free Unlimited Game Suite 2.0.0
    It is a online games' suite. Unlimited games will be filled in it. Now, there are 8 games in it. Include some famous game, eg. fishing,tetris, fruit and so on. Their numbers of game will continue to increase in it. All of the games is free.

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